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My name is Carlos Serrano, from Spain. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the look of things. The light, the shadows, the colors. Drawing was my great hobby. A few years ago I discovered the world of CG, and began to learn by my own,doing my personal scenes with 3ds max. The more I learned the more I was interested in the world of VFX, specially everything related to the environments and scenes of movies. I could spend hours watching videos of "making of" movies.

Matte painting techniques were the perfect combination of what I liked. The way that matte paintings convert a film set in a completely different environment, or making believable things that don't exist was inspiring.

In my beginning I was fortunate to participate in the fanfilm "Star Wars: Threads of Destiny", which was my first project as matte painter. I learned a lot, and opened the way for work on other projects I've been doing, like short films, full-length films, or music video.

I look forward to achieving new challenges in a world that I love. This web is my personal window to show my work, and my passion. If you want to follow, and be updated with my progress, you can do so by my Facebook page, or from my Blog. Also you can subscribe to my Vimeo or YouTube channels, where I will upload animations and breakdowns

Thanks for visiting my website.

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